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Clean set of towels with a coral starfish in front

How "Clean" is Your Towel?

For something that we use every day without thinking, how we look after our towels can have a big effect on our health and hygiene

Wind turbine in a field of sunflowers with a clear, blue sky in the background

Airfold and the Environment

Laundry processes in the U.S. use more than 840 billion gallons of water, 190GWh of electricity, and 220 million tons of CO2

Lady holding three quilted garments

How Much Time Do You Spend On Laundry?

Ranking 3rd behind the other never-ending tasks of cooking and cleaning, laundry takes up 104hrs per year of the average woman's life

Three red washing machines in series

How Much Money Do You Spend On Laundry?

Every year, the average American family produces 2600lbs of laundry across 390 loads costing more than $1400