It's Time For Your Towel Bar To Evolve

Did you know that your towel has 465x more bacteria per square inch than your toilet seat? The combination of your towel’s ability to absorb moisture with the dark, steamy bathroom that it hangs in makes it a prolific breeding ground for bacteria.

That sour towel smell?

You guessed it: this is because of the bacteria lingering in the fibers of your towel, which not only causes this moldy smell but can also lead to skin infections and acne. The key to stopping this bacteria growth is to remove one of the three elements needed for it to grow: moisture, warmth, or organic material. This means that completely drying your towel in between uses will arrest the growth of bacteria and the best way to do this is to hang your towel with as much surface area exposed as possible.

The Airfold Towel Bar was created with this exact goal in mind so that you can keep your towels fresher, longer and improve your health and hygiene. Airfold’s patent pending design hangs your bath towel so that the surfaces of your towel are open to airflow, improving drying by more than 40%.

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Isometric view of the Airfold towel bar

Rapid Drying

Ensures that your towel dries completely so you can always have a fresh, comfortable towel for your next shower.

Fresh For Longer

Keeps your towel fresh and promotes good hygiene by minimizing the growth of harmful, odor-causing bacteria.

Space Saving

Hangs a washcloth and bath towel to dry both at the same time, while its compact size means that each house member can have one of their own.

Less Laundry

Allows you to launder your towels less frequently which helps to save our planet while saving you time and money.

Visualization of how Airfold improves aeration

How Airfold Works

Airfold’s unique design opens up the surfaces of your towel to airflow, speeding up drying and stopping bacteria from growing so you can keep your towel fresh.

Isometric view of a towel hanging on Airfold with a '40% faster drying' badge

How Airfold Performs

Measuring Airfold’s drying time for various towel sizes showed that it is more than 40% faster than double folding over a traditional bar.

Clean set of towels with a coral starfish in front

How "Clean" is Your Towel?

For something that we use every day without thinking, how we look after our towels can have a big effect on our health and hygiene.