How Airfold Works

Visualization of how Airfold opens a towel up to vertical and horizontal air flow

Current hanging methods do not give your towel the best chance of drying. Double-folding a towel so that it can fit on your towel bar or using a hook means that a lot of moisture is trapped between overlapping folds. In fact, if you think about how surfaces overlap when you double-fold your towel, you will realize that 50% of your towel's surface area is closed to airflow and in contact with another wet layer.

These overlapping layers inhibit drying and allow odorous bacteria to breed and cling to the fibers of your towel. This is worsened when you cram multiple towels on the same bar both preventing adequate drying and spreading bacteria from one towel to another (typically from your dirtier hand towel or washcloth to your bath towel). Even heated towel bars can't help because the warm environment they create actually accelerates bacteria growth as your towel dries.

The Airfold Towel Bar challenges the status quo of these traditional towel hanging methods by using a patent pending design to improve aeration and enable a cool drying technique that stops bacteria growth without using any energy.

Fold, Flip, Pull, and Fluff

The elegant extensions on either end of the Airfold Towel Bar are what make it special. Instead of folding a towel over the straight portion of the towel bar, which is reserved for a wash cloth, the towel is folded in half and then the right and left edges are flipped over the ball ends and pulled toward the center of the bar to secure the towel. A quick fluff down the back of the towel settles it neatly on the towel bar with most of its surface area exposed to airflow. We call this the “open fold” technique because upon closer inspection, the surfaces remain apart and avoid trapping moisture.

This smart design allows you to hang a washcloth or hand towel so that it maintains enough space for airflow and was designed to be compact so that while you may have to share your bathroom, you won't have to share your towel bar!

Now everyone who shares your bathroom can have their own Airfold Towel Bar to improve hygiene and help prevent the spread of bacteria and infections. Please sign up today and share this site with your housemates and family members!

Dimensioned image of Airfold on a white background: 19x5x4 inches