How Airfold Performs

Isometric view of a towel hanging on Airfold with a '40% faster drying' badge

Looking at how the Airfold Towel Bar opens up your towel it makes sense that it should improve drying but just how much quicker is it?

To put this to the test, experiments using two different towel sizes (Small: 28x48" and Large: 28x53") were conducted to compare Airfold’s performance to that of the traditional towel bar. In each experiment, two identical towels were wet evenly with the same mass of water (Small: 447g (1.9 cups) and Large: 1112g (4.7 cups)).

One towel was then double folded over a traditional towel bar and the other was hung using the Airfold Towel Bar. Finally, the weights of each towel were then recorded periodically until each towel returned to its original dry weight.

In both of the experiments, the towels hanging on the Airfold Towel Bar returned to their dry weights (409g and 618g) much sooner than the towel hanging on the traditional towel bar: 41% faster for the Large towel and 45% faster for the Small towel.

When drying yourself after a shower you can expect around 25-65g of water on your towel. Obviously, this is much less water than the towels in these experiments were wet with. This means that you can be confident that the next time you go for a shower, the Airfold Towel Bar will have completely dried your towel and stopped the growth of any odor-causing bacteria.

That's right: no more smelly towels!

Woman standing triumphantly in a meadow with her arms raised to the sky in celebration

After 2 weeks of hanging a bath towel and washcloth (both wet after showering) on the Airfold Towel Bar, there was not any hint of must or odor and every day both the towel and washcloth were completely dry within 24hrs and ready for the next shower.

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Set of clean white towels with a bar of soap in front and flower petals on top