Meet The Airfold Amigos

The Airfold team shares the ambition of challenging the status quo and improving the world around us by evolving the bathroom towel bar and making the open fold concept a revolution for towel hygiene. We are passionate about creating a quality towel bar that delivers, is better for the environment, easy to use and displays your towel in elegant simplicity.

Mel Hewitt Profile Picture

Mel Hewitt

Design and Manufacturing

Mel has worked in the packaging industry for the past 10 years. After earning a degree for industrial design he moved to Illinois to peruse his career. An artist, maker, and father of 3 daughters, Mel enjoys hiking and biking Illinois’ many natural trails when he is not immersed in a creative project. Aside from being a father one of Mel’s greatest passions is finding creative solutions through ingenuity and product development.

“I enjoy the process of product development. It’s like any art project but with many more layers and the most challenging projects often push you to adopt a new perspective.”

Tyron Pretorius Profile Picture

Tyron Pretorius

Sales and Marketing

Tyron emigrated from South Africa to Ireland in 2001, where he later studied mechanical engineering and developed his passion for design and problem solving, especially in regards to improving quality of life. After graduating in Ireland, Tyron then moved to the U.S. to do a masters in entrepreneurship at the University of Notre Dame and develop the business skills necessary to launch his ideas.

"When launching a new concept, I always enjoy finding creative ways to find the people who care most about what we're doing and engaging them with content that is both fun and informative."